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Turn Data Into

An enterprise-level threat and risk platform at a non-enterprise level price, including fractional analysts on demand, so you can get the knowledge you need at a cost you can afford. 

Track the assets that matter most

​We enable you to monitor your most important assets without purchasing an enterprise solution and hiring internal analysts. You can change your search actions on-demand and only pay for what you need.


   Company Headquarters

   ACME - our largest vendor

   Jon Doe – disgruntled employee

   Board meeting location

   My brand or domain

   Negative Media

Threat intelligence

Make informed decisions

Curate your defined data and get notified when the risk sentiment reaches a certain threshold. We remove the need to actively monitor every threat and offer analyst support to dig deeper if necessary.


   A dashboard view of your assets

   Emailed alerts when threats arise

  Change search actions easily

  Scale up or down

  24x7 operational analyst support

  Customizable AI solution

Risk intelligence

Local Crime

Data Breach

Social Media


Negative Media

Cyber Incident

Website Scanning


Location Incident

Location Activity

Phone # ID

Convictions w/no DOB

Cyber Mentions

Dark Web

Scanned Posts


Threat Matches


Risk data

A right-sized solution

We offer an enterprise-sized threat and risk platform broken into bite-sized pieces so smaller, less well-funded security teams can access the threat and risk data they need to keep their people and company safe.

For each targeted asset, we filter pieces/posts of information on the surface web, social media, and dark web. The algorithms, data crawlers, scrapers, and data integrations utilized cover millions of information pieces across the entire Internet. Then we filter these results through A.I. algorithms and machine learning protocols to weed out all the false positives, delivering only the MOST relevant information.  


After filtering and analyzing the information, the platform determines “Threat Matches” and a Risk-as-a-Service Solution scores every search target data point for Risk and Sentiment. 

Get Smart

5 Continuous Searches

$500 / month / 3 mo min

Get Smarter

Continuous Searchs

20 for $1500 / month

50 for $3500 / month

Flexibility + Options = Less Risk

+ Analyst Time = $150 / hr, on demand

+ Investigation = $1000, or 3 for $1500

+ Dedicated analyst = $2500 / mo

Want more options

Get the data, knowledge, and resources you need to make informed decisions. 

When you are armed with knowledge and understand your risk, effortlo can fuel your team with security experts, when you need them, where you need them.

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