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Global Risk Assessment Rollout

A Fortune 500, US based company has a small security team lead by an experienced CSO with big initiatives to improve the security across the company. The first step is understanding what they don’t know about their existing operations and assessing the risk to determine what measures to put in place and where to start.


Effortlo developed a risk assessment and planning team of experts including a centralized former CSO leader to manage a multi-year program to conduct risk assessments at their 90 locations across South, Central and North America.



This turnkey solution provides several key benefits including:

  • A centralized plan of attack to ensure consistency in the risk assessment process

  • The ability to complete this project in half the time

  • Freeing up the CSO and his team to advance other projects

  • Reduced cost by strategically positioning the team in key locations to reduce travel costs and expenses.

  • Provided an extension of the security department to be at the customer disposal or other threats and risks that may arise during the period.

Access all your global resources in one place


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Global Cities


Countries (and growing)

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