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Secure Ground Transportation – across the globe

Multiple effortlo customers with manufacturing and field offices throughout the world are ramping up their travel coming off a two-year pandemic that didn’t allow their leaders to connect in person with key partners and company managers. Many of these offices are in higher risks countries or cities that are difficult to navigate.


Effortlo security experts across the world were engaged to support these customers and their employee ground logistics including: armed CPO’s, armored vehicles, airport customs fast track, executive protection, country security briefings and accommodate multiweek long itineraries consisting of large groups.

Locations included: The Netherlands, Pakistan, India, Japan, France, Turkey, Thailand, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, China


By partnering with effortlo, customers were able to reach areas of the world where they don’t have resources or were short on time to on-board an in-country partner prior to the travelers dates. They also were able to accomplish multiple trips around the world under one PO and by paying one invoice in one currency.

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