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Security Policy Development

A Silicon Valley technology company is building a new security team, bringing on a Global Security Leader and a limited staff to support. This small team has a big job and the list of to do’s is overwhelming.


Effortlo experts are deployed to support the company with the development and consultation on developing security policies, SOP’s and the beginning of a full enterprise security risk management program.  


In just a short time with limited budget, this new security team was able to institute a full suite of security policies and best practices with little effort, allowing them to focus most of their valuable time working with leadership and supporting the company’s immediate threats. Policies developed include:

  • Workplace Violence

  • Access Control

  • Home Office Safety and Security

  • Executive Protection

  • Travel Safety

  • Security Guard Post Orders

  • High Risk Terminations

  • Active Shooter

  • Threat Mitigation

  • Crisis Management

  • Visitor Management


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